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 1A DRV8833 Dual Motor Driver Module Full-bridge Dr
1A DRV8833 Dual Motor Driver Module Full-bridge Dr
SKU : DRV8833M1-B90
Stock : 19pcs
Price:PKR 150.00
The motor driver can control up to two DC motors at a constant current of 1.0A (4A peak). Two input signals (IN1 and IN2) can be used to control the motor in one of four function modes - CW, CCW, short-brake, and stop. The two motor outputs (A and B) can be separately controlled, the speed of each motor is controlled via a PWM input signal with a frequency up to 100kHz.
Note: However, when using the board at currents up to 0.6A, it may be necessary to improve thermal performance with a heat-sink.
- Driver Chip: DRV8833
- Power supply voltage: VM = 2.7-10.8V
- Output current: Iout=1.0A(average) / 4A (peak)
- Standby control to save power
- CW/CCW/short brake/stop motor control modes
- Built-in thermal shutdown circuit and low voltage detecting circuit
- All pins of the DRV8833 break out to 2.54mm spaced pins, and it can be plugged onto the breadboard.
- Filtering capacitors on both supply lines
- Great for DIY and smart car projects
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