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 2cm Strong Fiber Strips Adhesive Tape For RC Model
2cm Strong Fiber Strips Adhesive Tape For RC Model
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2cm Strong Fiber Strips Adhesive Tape For RC Models

Product Description: The fiber tape is made of PET as the base material, with enhanced polyester fiber thread, coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. Main features: It has a strong fracture strength, excellent wear resistance and moisture resistance, unique pressure sensitive adhesive layer has excellent long-lasting tack and special performance, can meet a variety of different uses. Uses: Household appliances packaging: such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc.; metal and wooden furniture packaging; pad / carton transportation; carton packaging; zero-loaded items packaging. Double-sided fiber tape is more suitable for the paste of rubber products.
Features: Reinforced backing material with plastic fiber, high tensile strength, high viscosity, long lasting country, not easy to break, perfect packaging effect and easy to loosen, with high wear resistance and anti-humidity.

Use: RC modeling, DIY, Applicable to industrial, electronics, home appliances and other industries in the sealing, binding, line and other convergence. Such as refrigerators, computers, fax machines and thin steel plate fixed bundles. If the model aircraft is repaired, it can be used as a loose leaf to strengthen the edge of the main 
Width 2CM
length 10 meter
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