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 HD-W60 LED Control Card with Wifi LED controller card
HD-W60 LED Control Card with Wifi LED controller card
SKU : HDW60-Q220
Stock : 4pcs
Price:PKR 3200.00
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HD-W60 LED Control Card with Wifi wifi LED controller card

For signage, store, outdoor advertising and other information display, Huidu Technology launched our Wifi & U-disk series control card, updated the display programs by the USB port or Wifi.

W60 is Wifi and U disk series control card, through the USB or Wifi port to update the program. Cost effective,simple software to operate, better and rich display effects, support for a variety of monochrome display.
Application software: HD2018

product description
WIFI plus U disk control card
Real-time preview, partitions can overlap;
Support real-time partition (secondary development);
Supports up to 32 gray levels;
Support partition background;
Support timing, including loop timing;
Smart settings (U disk can not).
Can control multiple cards at the same time
Support connecting to routers and controlling multiple WIFI cards;
Support a variety of scanning methods;
Support temperature, humidity, brightness, remote control, etc. The remote control can choose to play 1-999 programs;
Support colorful display, newly upgraded sixth-generation card, support grayscale, and area overlap.
The software is easy to operate
U disk + WIFI transmission to achieve wireless connection, dual interface is prepared;
Support wizard to build screen;
Support lock screen parameters;
No need for IP settings, the software interface is simple and easy to operate;
WIFI can be encrypted control.
Humanized design
Different price, different load range, flexible and changeable;
Support a variety of interfaces, support intelligent settings;
The width and height are changeable and can be converted arbitrarily.

Key Features
Support module:  Single color/ Dual color/Tricolor
Control range: Resolution Single color: 512W*32H,  Dual color: 256W*32H,  Tricolor: 160W*32H
FLASH Capacity: 2M Byte
Communication Port: U-Disk & Wifi
HUB signal: 2HUB12, 1 HUB08
Program Quantity: 1000pcs Programs. also can change program by button or remote if weld sensor (Remoter can select1-999 Programs)
Area Quantity: 20 areas with separate zone, and separated special effects and border
Display Showing: Text?Animation word?Time?Count?Lunar calendar Display effects
Scan modes Static, 1/2? 1/3?,1/4? 1/5 ?1/6?1/8?1/16 common modes etc.
Communication type U-Disk
Power supply +4.2-5.5V
Power consumption =0.5W
Work environment -20?–75?
Application Range Used indoor-outdoor, semi-outdoor, Led Pharmacy Cross signs showing text, animation, time, clock, etc.
Languages Support All languages
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