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 XT60 Bullet Connectors plugs Male/ Female RC lipo
XT60 Bullet Connectors plugs Male/ Female RC lipo
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The XT60 connector system is designed for applications up to 100 A. The connector is polarized and provides maximum contact reliability. Due to the semi-circular solder buckets, the cable is particularly easy to solder the plug. The openings of the solder cups are 180 ° relative to each other. For example, a short circuit or an unwanted solder bridge to prevent the simplest way when soldering connection cable. The 3.5 mm gold-plated contacts are designed as expanding pins and guarantee the best possible contact.


Size: 3.5 mm
Material: Nylon and Brass
Process: Gold Plated
Max Current: 80A
Utilization: Lipo Batteries, RC Cars
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