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 Plastic 18650 Battery Holder Bracket Cylindrical C
Plastic 18650 Battery Holder Bracket Cylindrical C
SKU : 18650PB-D36S4
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Plastic 18650 Battery Holder Bracket Cylindrical 18650 Case Cell Holder

18650 cylindrical battery holder, fire retardant pc pp gp materials;
Crack resistant edge with the slot, with the firm, It can accomodate various size;
Battery installation hole diameter 18.3mm, 1-linked structure,
Nickel plate vibration test can be conducted without attachment to any device.
Suitable for all types of battery assembly including do it option.
Please note, installation requires top and bottom piece to work.

Material: pc pp gp
Model: 18650
Main Color: Black
Size: 22 x 22mm/0.8" x 0.8"(L*W)
Inner Dia: 18.3mm/0.7"
1. Type: 18650 Battery Cell Holder 
2. Size: 20mm x 20mm 
3. The internal space is 18.5MM
4. Mainly used for assembling 18650 li-ion battery. 
5. This battery holder is with very good flexibility. 
6. Using this holder, we can make different battery pack , such as 12 v, 24 v, 36v battery pack, which can be used as electric bike battery, electric tools battery, storage battery and electric car battery, etc.
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