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 Large aileron hinge fixed wing aircraft
Large aileron hinge fixed wing aircraft
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Large aileron hinge fixed wing aircraft
Name: Loose leaf (hinges)
Uses: Used for the link of each rudder surface (aileron, elevator, rudder, etc.), with flexible rotation and convenient linkage;
 Usage: When used in KT aircraft, first open a slot at both ends of the KT plate, and then apply hot melt glue to it. Then insert the hinge into it and pull it firmly. If it is used in light wood, On the plane, it is directly bonded with 502 glue.
small: 24mm long and 12mm wide
Medium: 29mm long and 16mm wide
Large: 36mm long, 20mm wide
For rudder connection, whether it is a KT board or a small accessory that is required for EPP/opp/EPS. 
Mainly used for aileron, rudder, elevator connection, up and down 90 degrees activities.
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