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 6F22 9V Battery Multimeter Microphone Toy Remote
6F22 9V Battery Multimeter Microphone Toy Remote
SKU : 9VB1-J21T2
Stock : 145pcs
Price:PKR 50.00
Colorful 6F22 Super Heavy duty 9V battery 0% mercury 

Designed for professionals
Delivering long-lasting power across a range of professional applications.

- 0% mercury, friendly to the environment.
- This is a high quality 9V super cell, super heavy duty battery. 
- safety & reliable battery that you can trust. 
- Up to 5 years estimated shelf life at room temperature. 
- Ideal for use with all household and electronic appliances. 
- Excellent performance far exceed industry standard and specification. 
- It can provide you value and dependable power. 
- It has a large full charge yield and a very flat discharge curve.

N.W.: 38 g
G.W.: 44 g
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