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 100W 220V Mini Welding Torch Fast Soldering Iron S
100W 220V Mini Welding Torch Fast Soldering Iron S
SKU : Solderingset-SR2
Stock : Out of Stock
Price:PKR 2500.00
Input voltage:220-240V
Material:Plastic handle electric iron
Voltage regulation range:220-240V
Welding nozzle and ground voltage:220V
Cable length:about 1.3m
Heating time:10 second
Cooling time:48 second

1. Design is unique, generous and elegant.
2. High capacity and excellent performance.
3. Use gas as its power without voltage and wire limitation.
4. Without location limitation,portable to carry.
5. Can be used as ordinary soldering iron, heat gun or flame gun, very practical.

Package Included:
1x Welding Torch Set
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