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 Digital Flow Meter Water Flowmeter Temperature Time Record LCD controller
Digital Flow Meter Water Flowmeter Temperature Time Record LCD controller
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Digital Flow Meter Water Flowmeter Temperature Time Record LCD controller

Digital Flow Meter you will get the total flow rate with G1/2 Flow Sensor (Sensor not included), you will get accurate flow measurement.
With a flow record, you can also record the temperature of flow and the time period.
LCD Display makes it very easy to record readings. When the battery is low power prompt icon will be displayed asking you to replace the battery.
When detected flow, the faucet animation will begin to show water droplets.

Very easy to Install
Product with high sealing performance
With backlight

1, the temperature 
The temperature display range is -99 °-999 °. The unit c is celsius and f is fahrenheit.
 Temperature unit 
It can be changed by pressing the "" key. 

2, the use of time/flow rate display 
When there is water flow, it will automatically jump to the flow rate screen, and when there is no water flow, the total time will be displayed. Day of total time unit 
Indicates days, hours indicates hours, and time units can be switched by long pressing "+" key. 
Temperature display 
Time/flow rate 
display Water flow paint canvas 
Total flow characters total 
Battery indication 
Total water consumption
Lpm flow rate unit is “l/min”, gpm is “gallon/min”, can be pressed by “-” 
key switch. 

3, battery prompt 
The battery prompt icon flashes when the battery is low, prompting the user to replace the battery. In Electricity 
Will not be displayed if there are sufficient quantities. 

4, water flow painting 
When a water flow is detected, the flow head animation will start to show the water drops. 

5, total water consumption, flow rate display 
Total water consumption is expressed in liters of gallons and gallons, and the unit is approved. When total water consumption is less than
10000l (or gal) will be accurate to two decimal places when total water consumption is greater than 9999.99 l (or gal) 
The decimal point will be hidden. The maximum measurement 999999l (note: if the update, if the unit is set 
No gal, also count 999999l clear 0, that is, remember 219969gal clear 0), after more than 
Remeasurement starts at 0. 

6, character k-value setting (k-setting) 
The k-value setting character will be displayed when entering the interface number: 00 for the k-value setting (k-setting) interface 

7, total transit (total) characters 
When the system is on, the full flow character is displayed on the main screen. 
, Three, settings and interface description
1, how to set the operating mode of the system 
Use three AAA battery interface to power the system. (battery not included) 
2, the main interface and main interface settings 
The total characters, total water consumption, temperature, total usage time, etc. will be displayed on the main screen. 
3. K-Value Setting Interface Setup K-Value Setting Interface 
In the main interface, short press “set” key once to jump to k-value setting interface. 
"K setting", interface number 00 and k value are displayed on the k value setting screen.
Press “set” key in the k value setting interface to set the k value. The first digit of k value after long press “set” key 
Flashes, short press “” flashes digits increase by 1; short press the digits of “-” flashes decreases by 1; short press “set” 
Press to toggle to next digit. After setting, long press the “set” key to save the settings. 
Four, others 
1, system sleep mechanism 
In the use of battery interface power supply, in order to save energy and improve battery life, the system is unmanned 
And if there is no water flow, it will sleep . The screen will automatically jump to sleep state
The main interface and keep display function. Automatically wakes up to dosing state when water flows. 
2, system reset 
There is a reset symbol on the back of the board with two contacts next to it. Two contacts after the system is turned on 
Short circuit for about 2 seconds, the system will restore factory settings, clear the total time and total water consumption.
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