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 N20 door lock precision metal gear motor DC5V-6V l
N20 door lock precision metal gear motor DC5V-6V l
SKU : N20EL5-D123S11
Stock : 265pcs
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N20 door lock precision metal  gear motor DC5V-6V intelligent electronic lock core

This is estimated to be the lock core of the intelligent electronic lock, but we have not yet figured out the specific use method. Its driving motor is a precision N20 geared motor with all-metal gears. The applicable voltage is DC5V to 6V, and the speed is about 50 to 60 rpm, the output shaft of the gear motor has an eccentric wheel, which drives the movement of the iron core, and there are two miniature travel limit switches in it. 
the maximum movement distance is about 3 MM

Geared motor weight: 27 grams
Voltage: DC 5V
Current: 30 MA
Geared motor speed: 51 rpm
Voltage: DC 6V
Current: 35 MA
Geared motor speed: 60 rpm
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