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XH-M239 18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester MaH/mwH Digital Battery Measurement Tools

The minimum discharge stop voltage of 18650 battery is generally: 2.75V. Under normal circumstances, when the voltage drops to 0.875 times the rated voltage (3.24 V), it should be charged. If you continue to use it, the voltage will drop rapidly, and it may be damaged by over-discharge, which will affect the life. (It is recommended that the discharge termination voltage is set to 3.5V) The charging voltage is generally: 4.20V-4.3V/4.35V.
Assuming that the battery capacity is 2000mAH, the discharge current of this detector is about 500mAH, (2000÷500=4), and the measurement time is about 4 hours.

18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester
Model: XH-M239
Display accuracy: 0.1
Measurement accuracy: 1mAH
Power supply voltage: DC5-12V/18650 battery
Standby current: 5mA
Discharge current: about 500mA
Load power: 10W 8O
Appearance size: 111*97*25mm
Installation size: (as shown on the right) f3mm
Weight: 93g
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