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 Water Quality TDS EC Meter Temperature Tester Pen
Water Quality TDS EC Meter Temperature Tester Pen
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Water Quality TDS EC Meter Temperature Tester Pen 3 In1 Function Conductivity Water Quality Measurement Tool TDS&EC Tester 0-9000ppm

The quick results tells you about the water/solution in a way which is easy to read and understand from the large display screen.
This TDS Meter for test the filter water quality purity, check the performance of your water filter, check for hardness (1grain 17PPM), make sure you always drink pure water.
Instrument Easy calibration of total dissolved solids (TDS), temperature (temp) and parts per million (PPM) in home or office, swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, fresh water sources from creeks, rivers, wells, rain water storage, greenhouse, garden or horticulture, camping or travelling.
0~9990 Ppm Measurement Range
Taking temperature measurements once the meter is on, the temperature function can be used at any time, in or out of liquid. Press the temp button and display will switch to temperature which shows temperature in celsius when wish to return to TDS mode, press the TEMP button.

Widely Use:
TDS Water quality test pen used to test the water TDS value, water conductivity, in order to judge the degree of pure water, and the environment is the function of temperature, products can be widely applied to water treatment industry, drinking water, individual staycation, field operation as water quality inspection tool. Protect Your Health: The water that flows from our taps is full of chemicals, pollutants and metals. Well, the only way to make sure your water is clean and healthy is to test it regularly. With this TDS tester, you can check any time on your water filtration, ensuring that you and your family won't be exposed to unhygienic drinking water.

Lock function: Makes it easy to read and record, press HOLD button then remove from test solution.
4 Display modes: Press SHIFT button: TDS - ppm & °C, EC - µs/cm & °C, TDS - ppm & °F, EC - µs/cm & °F. 9 minute Auto Shut Off feature, so battery won't run down.
Measurement Range: Conductivity: 0 - 9990 µs/cm TDS: 0 - 9990 ppm (parts per million) Degrees Celsius: 0.1 - 80.0°C, Fahrenheit: 32.0 - 176.0°F. Accuracy: ± 2%

Net weight: 1.94oz (55g)
Size: 6 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches (154 x 30 x 14 mm)

How to use:
STEP 1:Remove the electrode protective cap before use
STEP 2:Press the ON/OFF button, and immerse the meter into the solution. (The solution should not over the immersion line)
STEP 3: After the numerical display is steady, press the HOLD button and take it out of the solution for checking the result
STEP 4: Wipe clean the electrode after using, turn off the meter and replace the protective cap

Parameter: Electric conductivity (EC) : 0—9990us/cm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) : 0—9990ppm Temperature : 0.1—80.0? 32.0—17
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