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 1M nickel-chromium heating wire 0.4mm high temperature Ni-Cr
1M nickel-chromium heating wire 0.4mm high temperature Ni-Cr
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1 meter nickel-chromium heating wire 0.4mm high temperature Ni-Cr

Nichrome is usually used for high temperature furnaces in the heat treating, ceramics, glass, steel, and electronic industries. Other common applications include: heating elements (hair dryers, ovens, toasters, kilns), model and high power motor and recovery charge , heat sealers, poly cutters, foam cutters, resistors, rheostats, current-temperature controls, , lab inoculating loops, release mechanisms, ceramic support in kilns.

Material: Cr20Ni80
Main Chemical Component: Cr,20%; Ni,80%
Length: approx. 1M
Diameter: approx. 0.4mm
Specific Resistance: 1.09±0.05
Maximum Service Temperature: 1200?
Melting Pointing: 1400? 

High precision, high resistivity, high strength.
Good oxidation resistance.
Good processing properties and weldability.
Not easy to break.
Easy to use.

Can be used in metallurgical machinery, medical care, chemical industry, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, ceramics and other industrial heating equipment and civil heater. 

Package included:
1 meter Resistance Wire
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