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 Uni-T UT612 LCR Meter USB Interface 20000 Counts Multimeter
Uni-T UT612 LCR Meter USB Interface 20000 Counts Multimeter
Brand :UNI-T
Stock : 1pcs
Price:PKR 38000.00
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Uni-T UT612 LCR Meter USB Interface 20000 Counts Multimeter with Inductance Frequency

UT610 series is a handheld LCR digital electric bridge meter with stable performance, safety, reliability and auto range. It is professional to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance. It has the features of low power dissipation, high accuracy and fast speed. It can select the series-parallel measurement mode; measure the quality factor of components, the loss, the phase angle, equivalent resistance and DC resistance. It can provide up to 5 kinds of frequency under the inductance, capacitance and resistance mode to satisfy the actual requirement.
It is applicable to measuring and filtrating the inductance, capacitance and resistance of lab, production line, maintenance point and teaching. It is the ideal tool of maintaining for many users.
LCR-meter UNI-T UT612

Inductance: 20 mH ~ 2000H (±0.5%+5)
Capacitance: 200 pF ~ 20 mF (±0.5%+5)
Resistance: 20Ohm ~ 200 MOhm (±0.3%+5)
Test frequency: 100Hz / 120Hz / 1kHz / 10kHz / 100kHz
Operation voltage: 0.6 VRMS
Test parameters: L/C/R/DCR/Q/D/?/ESR

• Display count 19999
• D/Q display count 1999
• D/Q resolution 0.001
• Auto range
• Real-time display test frequency
• Measurement mode: series/parallel
• Auto power off
• Low battery indication
• Data Hold
• Relative mode
• USB interface
• USB interface / PC data records 60000
• LCD backlight
• Analogue Bar Graph 26
• Deviation ratio measurement
• Screening function
• Calibration function
• Output impedance 120Ohm
• Auto LCR smart check and measurement

Power supply: 9V battery (6F22) or USB
LCD size: 40 mm x 63 mm
Weight: 374 g
Product size: 96mm × 193mm × 74mm

Standard accessories: battery, SMD test clamp, USB interface cable, PC software CD, multi-purpose socket, Short circuit slice
Manufacturer: UNI-TREND

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