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 PH Meters Battery Hydrometer Tester Acid Electrolyte
PH Meters Battery Hydrometer Tester Acid Electrolyte
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PH Meters Battery Hydrometer Tester Acid Electrolyte Lead Flooded Pq - Wine Acid Meter Battery Tester Meters Jack Lift Acid Motor Battery Tester Motorcycle Hydrometer Elec

Specification :
Whole length : 330mm 
Measure range : 1.10-1.30

How to assemble : 
Assemble the red rubber, there is a hole on it, mainly for protect the densimeter from being sucked into the gasbag. 
Put the densimeter into the glass tube. 
Assemble the sucking head. 
Then assemble the gasbag.

Package includes : 
1 x Battery Hydrometer

Electro-hydraulic density meter for use:

Electro-hydraulic density meter, is the density of the liquid used to measure battery power. When used, the meter should be immersed in a vertical transparent container, you can always read from the table energized fluid density.

Purpose: Determination of the solution specifically to the use of acidic or alkaline batteries

First assembled before use.
(1) that red rubber pad mounted above a hole, mainly to prevent the densitometer to be sucked into the inside of the airbag
(2) then the density meter fitted to the inside of the glass tube
(3) mounted on the suction head and then
(4) Finally, the airbags installed, you can use the

Battery in the electric water in the preparation process generally difficult to master concentration ratio, so use a measuring tool, this tool is measuring the density meter. Usually formulated electrolyte density control at around 1.27 on it.
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