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 XT60 Battery Extension Connector Cable
XT60 Battery Extension Connector Cable
SKU : XT60EC-J29
Stock : 86pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
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XT60 Battery Extension Connector Cable 10CM

Wire gauge:14AWG.
Weight: 23g/08
heatproof 200?.
Wire length: 10CM.
Package include: 1x XT60 Extension cable

60 amp current Handling Bullet Connectors. Made from high-temp nylon and gold plated bullet connectors, both included in the injection mold at the time when forming the connector. Xt-60 connector for rc Lipo Batteries Drones Airplanes Cars Vehicles. The xt60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 65A constant.

These original nylon xt60 plugs can handle 60A current for extended periods without exceeding 80DegC thanks to their better contact surface area. High temperature Nylon Material. The plug is also less likely to deform or melt.
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