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 Megatronics A2212 1400KV brushless motor
Megatronics A2212 1400KV brushless motor
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Megatronics A2212 1400KV brushless motor Multirotor Quardcopter

Using high quality bearings, magnets and imported silicon steel sheet, thus ensure the service life of motor and performance.
100% of dynamic balance calibration, minimize vibration that caused by the loss of energy.
Each motor was tested through 63 quality inspection, ensure the motors being reliable.
Use for Plane / Multi-rotor( Tricopter, Quad-X, Hexacopter…and so forth)

KV value: KV1400
Motor diameter: 27mm
Motor height: 30mm
shaft diameter: 3mm
weight: 50g
Idle stream (10) @ 10 in (A): 0.5
Well. cells (Lipo): 2-3 sec
Max continuous current (A) 180 s: 14.5
Max continuous power (W) 180 s: 160
maximum current efficiency: (4-9A)> 80%
internal resistance: 120mO
Recommended Prop (in inches) (not included)
2 S: 1147/1155
3 S: 7035/8040/1045
Package Includes:
1 x 1400kv Brushless
2 x motor Parts
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