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Brand :Megatronics Pk
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Blue color 1.75mm Polycarbonate PC Filament 1kg 3D Printing HighStrength,Clear,Anti-ultraviolet,Ideal for Engineering Parts

Extreme Toughness: Polycarbonate offers the absolute best in toughness that is simply unobtainable from other 3D printing materials of similar stiffness. This makes PC Polycarbonate an excellent choice for real-world, engineering applications
High Heat Resistance: Polycarbonate offers better heat resistance than almost all other 3D printing materials currently in the market. It can withstand temperatures well above 110 ºC.
Easy Printing: PC used to be the monopoly for only those expensive, "industrial" FDM machines. Well, not any more. Polycarbonate is a material designed specifically for desktop 3D printers. What we are delivering is a material that not only offers excellent properties and print quality, but also allows easy printing.

Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm ±0.05 mm
Net Weight:1200g
Recommended Printing Temp: 245 - 265 °C
Recommended Printing Speed: 30 - 90 mm/s
Heated Bed:90 ~ 105 °C
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