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 Voltmeter Ammeter+Shunt DC 100V 50A display panel
Voltmeter Ammeter+Shunt DC 100V 50A display panel
SKU : VAM100A50-P20
Stock : 4pcs
Price:PKR 1200.00
Voltmeter Ammeter + Current Shunt DC 100V 50A

This module uses two high-quality digital LED, high brightness, and can simultaneously display current and voltage.

This module uses imported MCU sampling and display current and voltage, and the software has a lot of data processing, the display precise and stable.

This module is a full-chip technology, exquisite workmanship, while ultra-small. This module has reverse polarity protection, even reversed, it will not damage the module.
50A and 100A range meter is accurate to 0.1A.
This mode can be used for monitoring the current and voltage of cars and electric bike batteries.

For other occasions where need to monitor the DC current.
Lead defined (5 lines):

Thin black line: header to the negative supply

Thin Red Line: header to power the positive (red line between fine and thin black line voltage is 4-30V, if exceeded will burn)

Thick red line: measure positive voltage input (the voltage between the thick red line the thick black line which is between the voltage meter display)

Thick yellow line: measure the current flow lead.

Thick black line: measuring current outflow lead (The thick black line and the thin black line are the common ground and communication)


Measure range 0.0V-100V 0-50A
Power supply DC4-30.0V
Display: double 4-bits 0.28 "digital tube
Weight: 20g
Voltage error ±0.1%
Current error ±1%
Shunt(50A/100A) 75mOhm
Working current < 20mA
Refresh rate 300mS
Display 3-bit 0.28”LED dispaly
Display color Red+blue
Cable length 15cm
Size 48 x 29 x 22 mm (LxWxH)
Mounting hole 46 x 27 mm
DC 50A 75mV Current Shunt For Analog Panel AMP Meter Ammeter
Fit For: DC 50A current Amp meter
Max. Current:50A
Accuracy: Class 0.5
Voltage Drop: 75Mv
Color: Black
Dimension : 122mm*25mm
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