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 USB to ESP8266 ESP-01 Wi-Fi Adapter Module CH340G
USB to ESP8266 ESP-01 Wi-Fi Adapter Module CH340G
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Using CH340 Turn serial port chip, stable performance, compatibility, and Windows Basic all support.
The adapter plate integrated 1000uF solid capacitors to ensure the current supply, the power supply will not be a problem to make WIFI module crashes unresponsive.
Using 3225 SMD crystal oscillator, improve stability of serial work, on a beautiful and tall.
The inter poser board is specifically designed for ESP8266 The USB Turn serial port, you can ESP8266 Direct intimate connection.
Provide the upgrade interface GPIO0, Short circuit the upgrade switch pictured two solder can be upgraded manually.
Package Included: 1 x USB to ESP8266 WIFI Module Adapter Board
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