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 51 AVR Programmer ISP USBASP Usbisp Download Cable
51 AVR Programmer ISP USBASP Usbisp Download Cable
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Click on the following link for product video demo presentation.

Development board compatible with this programmer is here :

Video Demo example:

Product Details

Blue PCB, green PCB, random delivery

Module description:

1 Onboard ATMega8A-AU chip
2 With power supply and two lights burning
3 Onboard 500mA PPTC overcurrent protection
4 On the target board support 5V and 3.3V powered by

No need to install drivers

The model from the latest applicable automatic speed control.

Suitable for WIN8.1 / 8/7 / XP32 bit / 64-bit computer systems.

The product can be connected directly to a computer USB port, download real USB products, connected to the target board through which the microcontroller can be programmed to download and easy to operate, ely suitable for notebook computers, desktop computers through the USB port programming download debugging.


Download features:

1. Support AT89S51 / 52 microcontroller
2. ASP support all AVR chips.
3. Output port ATMEL standard port.
4. USB to take power and target support target voltage 5V, can be connected via jumper selection.
5. AUTOSPEED speed automatic firmware download will automatically track the frequency of the chip to be programmed to automatically change the speed, reach the automatic speed control.
6. Reserved MOSI, MISO, RET, SCK, VCC, GND. 6PIN interface, easy connects users based on needs of the target board.

7. Reserved PROGRAMMING programming interface, users can upgrade to download firmware.

Programming Software : AVR_fighter, PROGISP1.66, PROGISP1.67, PROGISP1.68 Compile a lower or higher software line, burning pieces at one go, very convenient .


Interface definition:


JTAG interface

AT89S51 versus S52 Series pin download cable connected to the corresponding definition:




SCK P1.7





The chip supports programming:

51 series

AT89S51AT89S52AT89S53 AT89S8253 AT89S2051 AT89S8252 AT89S4051

AVR series

AT90can128 AT90can32 AT90can64, AT90pwm2, AT90pwm3, AT90s1200, AT90s2313, AT90s2323, AT90s2343, AT90s4414, AT90S8515, AT90S8535 AT90usb1286, AT90usb1287

Atmega103, Atmega128, Atmega1280, Atmega1281, Atmega16, Atmega161, Atmega162, Atmega163, Atmega164, Atmega165, Atmega168, Atmega169, Atmega2560, Atmega2561, Atmega32, Atmega323, Atmega324, Atmega325, Atmega3250, Atmega3259, Atmega328, Atmega329, Atmega3290, Atmega406, Atmega48, Atmega64, Atmega640, Atmega644, Atmega645, Atmega6450, Atmega649, Atmega6490, Atmega8, Atmega8515, Atmega8535, Atmega88,

Attiny11, Attiny12, Attiny13, Attiny15, Attiny22, Attiny2313, Attiny24,

Attiny25, Attiny26, Attiny261, Attiny28, Attiny44, Attiny45, Attiny46,

Attiny46,1Attiny84, Attiny85, Attiny861


USBASP Downloader x 1 Piece
10P Data cable x 1 root
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