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 DC Power connector Male jack 5.5x2.1mm socket
DC Power connector Male jack 5.5x2.1mm socket
SKU : M21C-C149S1
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1. GB 5.5 * 2.1mm DC female head lock screw
2. Operating temperature: -50 deg. C -68 deg.C
3. To terminal metal: interrupter stainless alloys, copper + silver chrome outer layer (non-ferrous head)
4. green marked + - positive and negative.
5. Plastic fittings: Put exposure / antioxidant PVC plastic
6. Maximum flow of current:. 10A (1V-36V)
7. The transmission voltage: 1V ~ 36V
8. The maximum flow of power: 120W
9. The Product Specifications: core diameter, can withstand voltage of 12V-36V, the skin with plastic and other materials, the line is soft, using high-fidelity design, power transmission good effect; color: green black.

Package Penalty for the Include:
 MALE Adapter
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