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 E9000 multipurpose glue adhesive 3g professional
E9000 multipurpose glue adhesive 3g professional
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E9000 multipurpose glue adhesive 3g professional
Glue Multi Purpose Clear Self Leveling Acrylic Adhesive Shoes Jewelry DIY Crafts Phone Screen

use: apply and leave it for atleast 5 minutes, for full bonding it is recomended to leave it for 10+ hours,
waterproof, non flamable, flexible, paintable.
This adhesive is a synthetic rubber adhesive made with a special formula that
not only provides excellent bonding strength but also has flexibility. It can bond metals,
glass, rubber, plastics, fabrics and other materials with high strength . These features make it widely used in equipment maintenance,
handicrafts, decorations, home plastic and so on. As one of the best-selling household adhesives in the
United States , it has become popular in the diy market in the United States. In China, due to its excellent adhesive properties, it
has achieved dominance in electronics, jewelry, handicrafts, diamonds, and headdresses. To
expand into electronics, home appliances, and industrial fields.

product name: E9 glue
Product Size: 3ML
product quality: glue
commodity weight: About 3g
Color options: Transparent rubber
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