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 ZY-25 mini Breadboard Prototyping multi colors
ZY-25 mini Breadboard Prototyping multi colors
SKU : SBB25-C333
Stock : 29pcs
Price:PKR 20.00
This is the ZY-25 prototyping board that is allows rapid prototyping without the need to solder any components. It is designed to have standard sockets with a pin pitch of 2.54mm, making it compatible with a large range of modules and components. It is solidly constructed to allow repeated use, with a life of 5000 insertions per point. This board makes a fantastic base upon which to wire your project.
The board has a total of 25 points arranged in individual 5 pin rows. The rows are labelled to allow accurate tracing throughout your project.
The board comes with a 2 point backing, allowing it to be stuck on to a ZY base plate to prevent it moving around.
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