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 0802 0802A LCD Screen LCD Display Module
0802 0802A LCD Screen LCD Display Module
SKU : LCD8-C182
Stock : 44pcs
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0802 0802A LCD Screen LCD Display Module

Model: 0802A
Dot matrix: 8X2
Dimensions: 58X32mm
Viewing area size: 38X16mm
Working voltage: 5.0V / 3.3V
Controller: SPLC780D

The character type liquid crystal display module is a dot matrix liquid crystal display module specifically for displaying letters, numbers, symbols, and the like. It is divided into 4-bit and 8-bit data transmission methods. Provides a 5×7 dot matrix + cursor display mode. A display data buffer generator CGRAM is provided, and CGRAM can be used to store font data of up to eight 5×8 dot matrix graphic characters defined by itself. Provides a wealth of command settings: clear display; cursor back to origin; display on / off; cursor on / off; display character flicker; cursor shift; display shift. An internal power-on automatic reset circuit is provided. When the external power supply voltage exceeds +4.5V, the module is automatically initialized and the module is set to the default display working state.
The display content is 2 lines, each line displays 8 characters, and each character size is 5×8 dot matrix.
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