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 16 Relay Trigger 12V LM2596 Power Control Module
16 Relay Trigger 12V LM2596 Power Control Module
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12V 16 channel relay contact capacity is 10A 250V per channel, with optocoupler protection.
Onboard power supply module does not need an external power supply.
I / O port driver is active in low level.
Used as a microcontroller development board, can be used as appliance control, also can be used as PLC output expansion.


The control signal voltage range: The trigger signal is low level 0-2V, high level voltage can not exceed 5V.
Built-in optocoupler isolation, high anti-interference ability, stable performance, trigger current is only need 3mA.
1-16 channel optionally fully open / closed, or any channel.
Output Type: AC 220V 10A direct connection or DC 30V 10A load.
Each relay common terminal COM is independent, for access to different signals, each relay with both normally closed and normally open port.
Each comes with relay action indicator, pull lit, disconnect extinguished.
Humanized interface design, all interfaces can connect directly through the terminal leads, very convenient.
It has four mounting bolts holes for easy installation.
PCB board size: 180 x 90 x 20mm (L * W * H)


Supply voltage: 5V 12V DC
Supply current: More than 200mA
Each relay can load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)


Power supply need to meet the range, DC 12V.
When using, LM2596S chip may have a fever, is normal, if long time using will appear normal heating phenomenon.
Load power need to have certain margin for relay, it should avoid high-power (about 2000W). If working long hours, have a certain impact on the life of the product.

Package includes:

1 x 16 Relay Trigger
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